One of the biggest landmarks in southern California is Disneyland. When you search for things to do in this area, Disneyland will probably come up first. It is a great outdoor area for families, friends, kids, boyfriends or girlfriends all to enjoy. Especially around this time, fighting the crowds becomes easy when you see all the dazzling decorations for the holidays. It is one of my favorite places to go and always an adventure for me, even though I basically live there with my annual pass.

Holiday spirit got us like. Taken by A.C. Choi

First thing everyone wants to do is see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. During this time of year it is decorated for the holidays with ornaments, garland, snow and Christmas lights. At night, they have a castle lighting ceremony where they light up almost 80,000 LED lights on the castle and have a gingerbread scented “snow fall” sprinkle the crowd.


Gingerbread Beignets. Photo taken by J.M. Weir

On your way to take your castle picture, make sure you enjoy the sights and sounds of Main Street. Grab a treat or two from the Jolly Holiday, like their raspberry-rose macaroon, or the Candy Palace from some other treats. If you really want to go big, take on the adventure of trying one of Disneyland’s homemade candy canes. Lines for this start in the early morning to get a wristband because only 120 get one. They are handmade candy canes crafted by cast members who have made candy canes for years.

After you have your treats, why not take your full belly on some rides. While it isn’t holiday themed, Space Mountain got redone this last month and is now Star Wars themed. Take on the adventure with Admiral Ackbar as you go through twist and turns and take down some ships in space.

It’s a Small World, holiday style. Picture taken by J.M. Weir

As for holiday themed rides, always check out Small World. During the year, yes it can be an odd ride, however during the holidays it’ll take your breath away with almost 250,000 lights on the outside and the animatronic dolls singing holiday songs like “Jingle Bells”, and more.

On the other side of the park, check out the Haunted Mansion. Decked out in ghostly holiday decorations, it is themed based on the movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. You won’t want to miss out on Jack Skellington’s story, gingerbread houses that give off a gingerbread scent as you ride through, and the Boogie Man gifting you with a special gift at the end of the ride.

Firework Show. Picture taken by J.M. Weir

And at the end of the night, when you’ve had your fill of treats and rides, take the time to relax and enjoy some shows. Head over to Main Street for Mickey’s “A Christmas Fantasy Parade”, where you can not only see all your favorite characters for the holidays, but special guest Santa Claus will also make an appearance. And when that show is over, stick where you are for some fireworks. Unfortunately, they won’t be the holiday magic firework show this year, but instead they will be showing their 60th anniversary show with projections, lights, and even some snow fall.

So if you’re looking for an adventure with some holiday cheer included, head over to the Disneyland Resort.

Picture taken by J.M. Weir



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