You don’t need the gym to work off that Thanksgiving bloat. Instead, take a stroll outside with friends or family at one of these hiking destinations.

  1. Chantry Flats; Sturtevant Falls Trail

Right in the hills of Arcadia and Sierra Madre, California is the Chantry Flats recreation area full of various trials. Many take on the Sturtevant Falls trail because it is only a 1 and 1/4 miles and ends at a nice resting spot with a normally large waterfall (when there has been rain and water). Just be fair warned that while it is an easy trail, the hike back can be rough for some since there is a large incline and hill coming back up.

2.   Sycamore Canyon Park

Even in the busy city of Diamond Bar, California there is a nice hiking spot. Visit the Sycamore Canyon Park for a quick and easy hike with some nice views. It is less than a mile around, however there are tons of stairs for a great leg workout.

3. Eaton Canyon Natural Area

Just up from the heart of Pasadena, California is the Eaton Canyon hike. This hike is a little more crowded with youngsters and dogs, but the views are nice. Just like Chantry Flats, this hike will end at a nice resting area with a cooling waterfall and is only a mile and a half.

So after resting our bellies from the turkey and pie for a couple hours, let’s go try out these hikes!

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