Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Ziplining

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Ziplining

This next adventure is an awesome time for any adrenaline junkie out there, and it is closer than you think…

Sitting in the trees. Picture taken by OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Sitting in the trees. 

Big Pine Ziplines is located in Wrightwood, California, only about an hour and a half away from Pomona and surrounding areas. Their experience is an amazing blend of views, thrills, and memories with their various packages that they offer.

Depending on the tour you chose, you can zip down a couple of ziplines, repel down some ginormous pines, walk your way across suspended bridges, and even climb into the trees on their suspended “sky-stairs”.

Repelling down. 

Not only do they offer some great opportunties close to many of us here in SoCal, but also their staff is incredibly knowledgble, safety-orientated, and hilarious.

To learn more about this ziplining experience, watch their video on their website.

So what are you waiting for? Zip on my friends!

The Suspended Bridge with our leader. Picture taken by OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Suspended Bridges. 

*All photos taken by Big Pine Ziplines.


LA Hollywood Sign Hike Adventure

LA Hollywood Sign Hike Adventure

It is hard to not feel like a homebody sometimes when you’ve lived your whole life in Southern California and feel like there’s nothing to do anymore. But as I sat at home trying to figure out things to do this last week with friends, I thought why explore new things and share some fun places or activities to do in SoCal with everyone.

Since the weather is finally a bit better the last few days, and not scorching hot, let me throw a hiking adventure out there for this first go around. And what says SoCal adventure more than the Hollywood sign?

The Hollywood sign was built in 1923, originally as a billboard sort of advertisement for new housing during that time referred to as “Hollywoodland”. It is crazy that now it is one of the most iconic, well known symbols out there.

Luckily, for those of you reading this, you will now be informed that there are various trails that lead to the Hollywood sign. There are short ones that lead you straight to the sign, there are long and intense ones for a nice workout, or there are average ones for horses and family time. My best friend and I were not as lucky. We had thought there was only one trail, one that our friend had told us about, and I just about died because we got stuck with the workout trail.

My face when I saw the trail we were walking. Picture taken by J.M. Weir
My face when I saw the trail we were walking. Picture taken by J.M. Weir

Though it was not steep or full of hills and inclines, the trail that my best friend and I went on was long. It was the Charlie Turner’s Trail and boy did it show me I need some more cardio.

Starting near the north end of the Griffith Observatory parking lot (yay free parking!), it is about a six-mile hike round trip, give or take depending on if you take the man-made short cuts around and if you go all the way to the Mt. Hollywood trail. Though six-miles sounds long, it is totally worth it. The views are incredible, and the feeling of accomplishment is quite nice as well.

Jumping for joy. Picture taken by J.M. Weir
Jumping for joy. Picture taken by J.M. Weir

Some tips for you all now planning to hike to the sign:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. No need to wear hiking boots, but be sure you can walk, run or whatever you plan on doing comfortably and that they have good traction.
  2. Bring a bottle of water. Even if it is not hot outside, the hike is quite long and you’ll need it.
  3. Plan what time. Know that some times gather more people than others, like the mornings and evenings because it is cooler. Also note that the trail takes 45 minutes each way and you do not want to be stuck out there in the dark.
  4. Bring your camera or phone for pictures. The view is beautiful, and you’ll want to take some selfies I’m sure.
  5. Enjoy the time outside!
LA Skyline. Picture taken by E.E. O'Brien
LA Skyline. Picture taken by E.E. O’Brien

What are you waiting for? Check out this trail and adventure for yourself!